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Affiliate Program Policies

1 The affiliate program is a bonus system, which the channel owner on Twitch and Youtube (hereinafter referred to as the Partner) receives carrying out the streams of the game P.A.S. ( (hereinafter referred to as the Game).

2 To become a Partner, you must create an account at and apply in the appropriate section

3 Requirements for potential Partners: • Average number of simultaneous viewers on Twitch 100+ or 25,000+ subscribers on YouTube channel;

• Conformity of produced content to Twitch and YouTube or Beam's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines;

• Minimum number of broadcasts 2 per week or update of content on the channel at least once a week.

3.1 The Game Administration may individually approve the Partner's participation in the affiliate program, even if the potential partner does not meet the requirements specified in clause 3.

4 In the event that the Partner's account is approved, the Partner shall be entitled to receive 15% of the profits earned by the Game from purchases made by players who indicated the Partner's promo code when registering the account or until the player reaches level 10.

5 The promo code of the Partner is static and it can be found in the personal account of the partner on the portal The player can specify the promo code of the Partner at registration, as well as on the Game portal or in the game itself before reaching the 10th level of the account in the game.

6 Payments are made through the Paypal payment system. A request for payment of remuneration to a partner can be sent if there is at least 100USD received in the partner program on his account.

7 A partner may terminate an affiliate program with the Game at any time.

8 The game can terminate the affiliate program with the Partner in case of failure to comply with the conditions of clause 3 of these rules. In the event of the termination of the Partner Program, the Partner will receive a notification e-mail one week prior to the termination of the Partner Program.

9 In the event of termination of the partner program, the partner's remuneration is paid if his account contains at least 50USD received in the partnership program.