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Patch 2.1
Improvements: 1. A new currency is added - crystals; 2. A new currency is added – shards; 3. Events are added; 4. Function for spraying and creating objects is added; 5. Christmas chest is added; 6. Christmas offer is added; 7. Terrain textures on the King of Desert location are reworked; 8. Daily Reward is reworked; 9. King of Desert map optimization; 10. Improving of the bots behavior; 11. New flying creatures is added. In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Optimization; 3. Code refactoring.
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Patch note 2.0
Patch note 2.0 Bug fixes: 1. Knife equip after closing inventory window is fixed; 2. Bug of displaying the sight from the vehicle while pressing “Shift” is fixed; 3. Bug of interaction with other vehicle when character is in is fixed; 4. Bug of displaying of team mates indicators in monitoring mode is fixed; 5. Incorrect scrolling in “Special offer” window is fixed; 6. Minor HUD fixes; 7. A single shooting mode on MTA is fixed; 8. Now the player can not continue moving in a damaged car; 9. Now the car continues moving after the player leaves it while driving; 10. Bug with displaying of interaction with damaged car is fixed. Improvements: 1. New SOLO mode is added; 2. Possibility of selling chests on market place is added; 3. WUA and MGL 190 can now be found throughout the location; 4. Daily strick is saved if a player missed one day; 5. Car controller is improved; 6. Notification system is improved; 7. AI improved; In progress: 1. New event; 2. Bugfixing; 3. Optimization.
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Patch 1.10
Patch 1.10 Bugfixes: 1. Last player death animation in game session was fixed; 2. Code optimisation. Improvements: 1. Code optimization; 2. New battle reward formula was added; 3. New weapon MLG 190 was added; 4. Some missing sounds were added; 5. Ambient sound was added on both locations; 6. Inventory logic for weapons and upgrades was reworked; 7. New controls were added: to throw off cartridges, first-aid kits, grenades in parts press LShift; 8. History tab contains more info now; 9. New general statistics window was added; 10. Bot AI was improved; 11. SD graphics for weak computers is being prepared; 12. King of Desert Optimization; 13. Zone narrowing logic was changed; 14. Now grenades can damage zombies and cars; 15. Scrolling of chests in the “Crates” window was changed; 16. New crate Dominator was added. In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Optimization; 3. New Game Mode.
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Patch 1.9
Bugfixes: 1. Daily streak reset on the 1st day after the 31st day bug was fixed; 2. Remap buttons bug was fixed; 3. Server optimization; 4. Vegetation on the King of desert map was changed; 5. King of desert map optimization; 6. Animation bug when switching between players in spectate mode is fixed; 7. Optimization of sounds; 8. Bug of the weapon sound interrupting when you choose another weapon is fixed; Improvements: 1. Special offers was added; 2. Exit from transformation mode is now assigned to the F4 key by default; 3. The drone scout now highlights enemies for all teammates; 4. A pop-up notification after the end of the match with detailed statistics was added; 5. Bots behavior improved; 6. In Shelter crate new skins were added; 7. Kill reviewing (killcam) after the death of the whole team is added; In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Optimization; 3. New features.
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Patch 1.8
Bugfixes: 1. First-aid kit remaining in inventory after leaving shooting range fixed; 2.Rewards for every 10th level fixed; 3. Rewards for entering the promotional code fixed; 4. Duplication of skins in the chests fixed; 5. Some jams in locations are fixed; 6. Some localization bugs fixed; 7. The commentator does not duplicate the voice-over of the defeat from the last session; 8. Ammunition now is stacked on 100 pcs; 9. After death in the car, the camera no longer flies in the location. Improvements: 1. Scout drones has been added; 2.Anti-Drone Transforms has been added; 3. The character's hitbox is modified; 4. Knife damage is increased. Stabbing in front - 75, stab in the back – 175; 5. Tracers are added; 9. Sound of AK-12 and STG-44 is changed; 10. Bug-reporting functionality is added; 11. Daily-reward list is added to the lobby; 12. New animation of opening chests added; 13. A new chest "Shelter" was added; 14. Shooting effects improved; 16. The reward for Daily bonus is charged exactly at 00:00 on server time. In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Special offers; 3. Optimization. 4. Killcam.
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Patch 1.7.
Patch 1.7 (Hotfixes) Bugfixes: 1. Spectate mode activation fixed 2. Throwing grenade animation improved; 3. Damage indicator shader fixed; 4. Spectate mode features cooldown fixed; 5. 3D character in inventory display fixed; 6. Pink textures in King of Desert map fixed. In progress: 1. New mechanic; 2. Bugfixing; 3. Anti-cheat.
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Official P.A.S. streamers!
Hello! We are glad to present you a list of our official streamers and their promotional codes: Warrior1383 43547 Xblrewind 38273 Arvonot Arvonot GhostFace 46964 Haiztec 27426 MrSebros 53097 SupremeWire 30140 Crimson 21683 BlackPanther 50153 MegaKitty 56431 princessarah191 61094 AcE_Zombeez 40362 Thanks to the streamer team, you can learn more about the game and its features. Watch for announcements in the #Streams channel on our official Discord server ( and watch the game reviews!
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Patch 1.6.
Patch 1.6 Bugfixes: 1. Visual bug with roads on King of Desert map fixed; 2. Localization UI bugs fixed (Thanks to Black Panter for esp localization); 3. Smoke grenade visual effect no longer freezes in the air; 4. Car collisions polished; 5. Most freezes fixed; 6. Voice chat fixed; 7. Click & Drag in inventory window more quicker and responsive now; 8. Collection counter bug fixed; 9. Smoke grenade shader fixed. Improvements: 1. Partnership system fully implemented; 2. New crate with portraits added; 3. Steam inventory was added; 4. Fog effect added on both maps; 5. Bot AI improved. In progress: 1. Tournaments; 2. Bugfixing; 3. Anti-cheat.
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Patch 1.5
Patch 1.5 Bugfixes: 1. Screen blackout bug fixed; 2. Spectate mode activation bug fixed; 3. Shooting range limiters on King of desert map installed; 4. Match history window fixed; 5. Cars collision added; 6. Car with character collision added; 7. Loot position fixed; 8. Chat fixed;
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Patch 1.4
Bugfixes: 1. Desert eagle reload animation fixed; 2. Credits consumption after character is dead in transform mode fixed; 3. FOV effect in transform mode fixed; 4. Death animation of last character on location fixed; 5. German localization fixed; 6. Loot in the air fixed; 7. Visual bugs on King of Desert map fixed; 8. Some stucking on Mounting Park map fixed; 9. Bug with ‘Esc’ button in main menu fixed; 10. Сar patency is improved; 11. Shooting through rusty cars fixed.
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Patch 1.3
Bugfixes: 1Connection to server and “Black screen” issues fixed 2 Inventory bugs (drop, loot, max weight) fixed 3 Sound collapse in battle after setting 100% volume fixed 4 Localisation bugs fixed 5 Sound of car on big distances fixed 6 X4 optic sight in spectate mode fixed 7 Skybox distortion while using X4 optic sight fixed 8 Minor UI bugs fixed
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Patch 1.2
Bugfixes: 1 Visibility teammate nicknames fixed 2 UI sound fixed 3 Sound of weapon, zombie and chickens fixed 3 Party invitation popup in lobby chat fixed 4 Transformation in spectate mode fixed 5 Localisation fixes 6 Holographic optic sight for CZ805 fixed 7 Recoil fixed Improvements: 1 Loot system changed. It became more challenging. Weapon spawn with appropriate ammo. 2 Fall damage reduced
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