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Patch 1.10
Patch 1.10 Bugfixes: 1. Last player death animation in game session was fixed; 2. Code optimisation. Improvements: 1. Code optimization; 2. New battle reward formula was added; 3. New weapon MLG 190 was added; 4. Some missing sounds were added; 5. Ambient sound was added on both locations; 6. Inventory logic for weapons and upgrades was reworked; 7. New controls were added: to throw off cartridges, first-aid kits, grenades in parts press LShift; 8. History tab contains more info now; 9. New general statistics window was added; 10. Bot AI was improved; 11. SD graphics for weak computers is being prepared; 12. King of Desert Optimization; 13. Zone narrowing logic was changed; 14. Now grenades can damage zombies and cars; 15. Scrolling of chests in the “Crates” window was changed; 16. New crate Dominator was added. In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Optimization; 3. New Game Mode.
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Patch 1.9
Bugfixes: 1. Daily streak reset on the 1st day after the 31st day bug was fixed; 2. Remap buttons bug was fixed; 3. Server optimization; 4. Vegetation on the King of desert map was changed; 5. King of desert map optimization; 6. Animation bug when switching between players in spectate mode is fixed; 7. Optimization of sounds; 8. Bug of the weapon sound interrupting when you choose another weapon is fixed; Improvements: 1. Special offers was added; 2. Exit from transformation mode is now assigned to the F4 key by default; 3. The drone scout now highlights enemies for all teammates; 4. A pop-up notification after the end of the match with detailed statistics was added; 5. Bots behavior improved; 6. In Shelter crate new skins were added; 7. Kill reviewing (killcam) after the death of the whole team is added; In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Optimization; 3. New features.
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Patch 1.8
Bugfixes: 1. First-aid kit remaining in inventory after leaving shooting range fixed; 2.Rewards for every 10th level fixed; 3. Rewards for entering the promotional code fixed; 4. Duplication of skins in the chests fixed; 5. Some jams in locations are fixed; 6. Some localization bugs fixed; 7. The commentator does not duplicate the voice-over of the defeat from the last session; 8. Ammunition now is stacked on 100 pcs; 9. After death in the car, the camera no longer flies in the location. Improvements: 1. Scout drones has been added; 2.Anti-Drone Transforms has been added; 3. The character's hitbox is modified; 4. Knife damage is increased. Stabbing in front - 75, stab in the back – 175; 5. Tracers are added; 9. Sound of AK-12 and STG-44 is changed; 10. Bug-reporting functionality is added; 11. Daily-reward list is added to the lobby; 12. New animation of opening chests added; 13. A new chest "Shelter" was added; 14. Shooting effects improved; 16. The reward for Daily bonus is charged exactly at 00:00 on server time. In progress: 1. Bugfixing; 2. Special offers; 3. Optimization. 4. Killcam.
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Patch 1.7.
Patch 1.7 (Hotfixes) Bugfixes: 1. Spectate mode activation fixed 2. Throwing grenade animation improved; 3. Damage indicator shader fixed; 4. Spectate mode features cooldown fixed; 5. 3D character in inventory display fixed; 6. Pink textures in King of Desert map fixed. In progress: 1. New mechanic; 2. Bugfixing; 3. Anti-cheat.
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Official P.A.S. streamers!
Hello! We are glad to present you a list of our official streamers and their promotional codes: Warrior1383 43547 Xblrewind 38273 Arvonot Arvonot GhostFace 46964 Haiztec 27426 MrSebros 53097 SupremeWire 30140 Crimson 21683 BlackPanther 50153 MegaKitty 56431 princessarah191 61094 AcE_Zombeez 40362 Thanks to the streamer team, you can learn more about the game and its features. Watch for announcements in the #Streams channel on our official Discord server ( and watch the game reviews!
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Patch 1.6.
Patch 1.6 Bugfixes: 1. Visual bug with roads on King of Desert map fixed; 2. Localization UI bugs fixed (Thanks to Black Panter for esp localization); 3. Smoke grenade visual effect no longer freezes in the air; 4. Car collisions polished; 5. Most freezes fixed; 6. Voice chat fixed; 7. Click & Drag in inventory window more quicker and responsive now; 8. Collection counter bug fixed; 9. Smoke grenade shader fixed. Improvements: 1. Partnership system fully implemented; 2. New crate with portraits added; 3. Steam inventory was added; 4. Fog effect added on both maps; 5. Bot AI improved. In progress: 1. Tournaments; 2. Bugfixing; 3. Anti-cheat.
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Patch 1.5
Patch 1.5 Bugfixes: 1. Screen blackout bug fixed; 2. Spectate mode activation bug fixed; 3. Shooting range limiters on King of desert map installed; 4. Match history window fixed; 5. Cars collision added; 6. Car with character collision added; 7. Loot position fixed; 8. Chat fixed;
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Patch 1.4
Bugfixes: 1. Desert eagle reload animation fixed; 2. Credits consumption after character is dead in transform mode fixed; 3. FOV effect in transform mode fixed; 4. Death animation of last character on location fixed; 5. German localization fixed; 6. Loot in the air fixed; 7. Visual bugs on King of Desert map fixed; 8. Some stucking on Mounting Park map fixed; 9. Bug with ‘Esc’ button in main menu fixed; 10. Сar patency is improved; 11. Shooting through rusty cars fixed.
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Patch 1.3
Bugfixes: 1Connection to server and “Black screen” issues fixed 2 Inventory bugs (drop, loot, max weight) fixed 3 Sound collapse in battle after setting 100% volume fixed 4 Localisation bugs fixed 5 Sound of car on big distances fixed 6 X4 optic sight in spectate mode fixed 7 Skybox distortion while using X4 optic sight fixed 8 Minor UI bugs fixed
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Patch 1.2
Bugfixes: 1 Visibility teammate nicknames fixed 2 UI sound fixed 3 Sound of weapon, zombie and chickens fixed 3 Party invitation popup in lobby chat fixed 4 Transformation in spectate mode fixed 5 Localisation fixes 6 Holographic optic sight for CZ805 fixed 7 Recoil fixed Improvements: 1 Loot system changed. It became more challenging. Weapon spawn with appropriate ammo. 2 Fall damage reduced
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Patch 1.1
Bugfixes 1 Disconnect to server issue fixed 2 Spawn of loot and credits on location fixed 3 Vehicle skins (visibility on location) fixed 4 Visibility of more than 4 teammates in party fixed 5 Teammate visibility on map fixed 6 Vehicle and weapon sounds fixed 7 Spectate mode X4 Optic sight fixed 8 Server selection after teammate leave party fixed Improvements 1 King of desert location optimised and fixed 2 Balance for STG and Tank Armor changed 3 Chicken rush damage radius reduced 4 Damage while getting out of the car reduced
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About the game and its development
We start the game in early access, but already at the moment the main mechanics and features of the game are implemented and are waiting for your feedback.
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